Bitmain launches a mining hardware zcash for


The company has introduced a new Bitmain ASIC-miners for mining cryptocurrency with an algorithm Equihash. This algorithm is used in the zcash for cryptocurrency.

In June, miners will be able to order new equipment Antminer Z9 mini. Yesterday, may 3, the developers Bitmain has announced the integrated scheme for the algorithm Equicash (ASIC).

Production of equipment for mining cryptocurrency zcash for will take place exactly a month after the official release ASIC for Ethereum.

“We are pleased to announce the release of the Z9 mini Antminer, ASIC miner for mining crypto-currencies on the basis of Equihash. To prevent the accumulation and let other people around the world to get the device, we limit sales to 1 per user,” the company said in his Twitter.

Hash rate of the device is Sol 10k/s with power consumption of only 300W. Listed on the site Bitmain Antminer Z9 price is 1999 US dollars.

ASIC actively replacing the graphics processors. Introduction Isakov making mining more centralized, which is contrary to the principles of many cryptobiotic platforms. The developers of some of the tokens promised to change the basic functions of its services in order to prevent manufacturers to produce mining equipment.

“This is absolutely not what I wanted to do this because: a) I always thought that it is probably not feasible in the long term; b) I have always believed that there is a tradeoff between the widespread use of coins on the one hand, and a miners with high return on investment on the other,” the CEO zcash for Zuko Wilcox.

The founder of the platform believes that this “compromise” must resist centralization, as well as to contribute to the sustainable and stable operation of the network.

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