Bitpay announced support for tablconv


Bitpay announced support for tablconv

After yesterday’s collapse Tether to the news about stalking should be treated with special attention. Company Tether is still not held a human audit, and look to close, leaving a gap of $2.5 billion, a Holy place is never empty, so in light of the possible disappearance from the market Tether boom tablconv doesn’t look that crazy.

Yesterday the addition of four new tablconv said representatives OKEx and processing service Bitpay. Now the platform supports transactions with two stable coins — Gemini Dollar (GUSD) and the Circle Centre Shop (USDC).

Support of these assets means that now USDC GUSD and can be used to calculate the marketplace as well as to that of bitcoin Bitcoin and Cash.

“Bitpay is designed to simplify and speed up the process of making payments worldwide,” said about the support of new assets Stephen pair, cofounder and CEO of Bitpay.

Couples explains that stabilini have a certain advantage over other assets. As they are stable (and probably the USDT this is not the case), courses such coins will not jump, creating inconvenience for buyers and sellers. Remember when the price of the cue was subject to strong fluctuations, many merchants began to abandon the use of this crypt as a means of payment?

And Yes, pay the Dollar and Gemini Circle Centre Cap buy drugs, someone else’s intellectual property, ammunition, firearms, and pornography that is now called adult content will not work. February the ban Bitpay on such transactions still in force.

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