BitPico sold all bitcoins and farm


Mining-pool BitPico published in his Twitter a message stating that they have sold all mined bitcoins at a price of $8300 and put the farm up for sale.

In addition to this, Poole criticized bitcoin in a rather rude manner.

We are no longer bullish on #bitcoin $btc & dumped all @ 8300 USD. We’ve put our farm up for sale also. Why? We no longer want to participate in the worlds most manipulated commodity. Bitcoin is now just a shit show. Good luck!

ɃitPico (@bitPico) August 4, 2018

“We no longer believe in the future growth of bitcoin and poured all the coins at $8300. We also put all our farm for sale. Why? We don’t want to be related to the most manipulated asset in the world. Bitcoin at the moment is just a shit show. Good luck!”

At the same time, all the old posts from this account were removed. Users have split into several camps: some have interpreted this statement as a joke, others suspected account hacking.

Among the comments also skips conspiracy theory: one of the users wrote that Poole have long been preparing for the change of priorities. Starting stress test of the Bitcoin network Cash, they allegedly wanted to show the world how vulnerable the network of this fork. However, the commenter believes that the real purpose of the pool has always been the transition from BTC to BCH and they will soon begin to actively promote the second coin.

Anyway, authentic reasons for such a move are still not known. It remains only to follow the development of events.

Pool BitPico has received massive fame in November of 2017, when it announced its intention to complete hardwork SegWit 2X. While Poole claimed that he owns 30% Hasrat network of bitcoin.

This statement caused a lot of mistrust pool caused a wave of mistrust. According to Google search, until September 2017 about this pool, there was no information. From this we can assume that the pool does not exist. Anyway, the responsible people are also not known. There is also no evidence that the pool controls 30% of the bitcoin network hash rate yet.

However, 3 days after this loud statement pool abandoned their ideas, advising users to switch to BTC Bitcoin Cash.

Six months later, BitPico again “shook” of the cryptocurrency world with a loud statement: they set out to organize an attack on the Bitcoin network Cash, forcing Roger Faith (one of the main supporters BCH) to cry.

Constant contradictions in the statements of the pool are given to understand that to take their words seriously are not worth it. Either they are skilled manipulators and are trying to influence the market with false information or just trying to attract attention.

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