Bittrex will exclude Bitcoin Gold listing


Yesterday, September 3, major cryptocurrency exchange Bittrex announced the delisting of the bitcoins Gold. This decision was taken in connection with the attack in may by 51%, due to which the users have lost about $18 million.

After the attack, the exchange has compensated its customers a portion of the lost funds, and then demanded from the developers of the Bitcoin Gold to pay them 12 372 BTG ($265 000) to cover the loss. The developers have not fulfilled the requirement of the exchange, then Bittrex has reduced the required amount to 6000 BTG.

However, this time the team Bitcoin Gold refused to pay, explaining that their organization is not commercial, and all the profit goes to the miners. The result Bittrex has decided to remove from listing the coin.

However, the team Bitcoin Gold is not much upset of this event. According to them, the Playground was not for coins an important source of liquidity and delisting will have no effect on the coin.

“We believe that the impact of the action on Bittrex our ecosystem will not be too significant, because the exchange is not of the top liquidity providers. The current top includes HitBTC, Bithumb, Binance, Bitinka, Bitfinex. The Bittrex market is only a small part of our trading volume”.

It is worth noting that the share Bittrex accounts for about 4% of all trading BTG, a little more than $400 thousand daily trading volume.

The news has not had a strong impact on the Bitcoin Gold coin yesterday, has lost about per cent, but has now returned to the values a week ago.

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