Bitwise launches three new index Fund cryptocurrency market


Bitwise launches three new index Fund cryptocurrency market

Bitwise Index Services, a subsidiary of Bitwise Asset Management, has announced the launch of three new indexes covering the segments of medium-and small-market capitalization and the total market volume. In addition, the company renamed the index HOLD 10 10 Large Cap Index Crypto.

New index funds cryptocurrency market from Bitwise

Bitwise launches three new index Fund. The launch and rebranding of HOLD 10 means for investors is now available four indicators to choose from: Crypto 10 Large Cap Index (Ticker: BITX); Crypto Mid Cap Index (Ticker: BITW20); 70 Crypto Small Cap Index (Ticker: BITW70); and 100 Crypto Total Market Index (Ticker: BITW100).

Cryptocurrency indexes are available in all established financial trading ecosystem, including Bloomberg, Reuters, Factset and other data aggregators. In addition, the company also announced the creation of API access and a free benchmarking for hedge funds.

Innovative methods of market assessment

“Our index is built from scratch in order to better understand the situation in the crypto market,” said Matt Ugan, head of global research for the company.

“The methodology is based on the advanced principles associated with modern indexing stocks, bonds, commodities, and Fiat currencies, and combines them with factors the cryptocurrency market. We believe that these indexes are the best indicators of the investment market scriptaction in the world.”

Bitwise also announces the establishment of an Advisory Board, which involved: He dash, the former head of the Department index Bloomberg, managing Director and global head of research at Standard&Poor’s; Spencer Bogart, partner and head of research in the Blockchain Capital; and Matt Ugan, head of research at the Bitwise and former CEO of ETF com ETF and Inside.

“One of the features of Bitwise is the firm’s ability to combine deep, specific expertise in the industry of cryptocurrency with the knowledge about the management of institutional assets and indexing,” said Bogart.

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