Blockchain cryptocurrency Steem out of order


September 17 was disabled blockchain cryptocurrency Steem for Troubleshooting. A glitch in the system happened a week before implementing a hard fork of the network, which is scheduled for September 25.

We’re aware of the problem with the #Steem #blockchain and are hard at work to get it resolved. We’ll post updates here as they happen.

— Steem (@SteemNetwork) September 17, 2018

Steemit is a popular decentralized social network where you can earn tokens Steem for posting. A glitch in the blockchain of bitcoin has had a negative impact on the course of the coin: price Steem per day decreased by 2.81% to $0,72. Project staff reassured the owners of the token, stating that all digital assets are safeguarded, hacker attack was not, however, the exact date of the resumption of the service is still unknown.

Hard fork of the network, scheduled for September 25, will make several important changes to the system to combat bots and cheat votes, and also adds the ability to create accounts at a discount. It is likely that the developers will make additional modifications to your code hard fork to eliminate the probability of failure of the blockchain in the future.

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