Blockchain has filed a lawsuit against startup simulator a few days before ICO


Blockchain has filed a lawsuit against startup simulator a few days before ICO

Luxembourg company Blockchain, formerly known as has filed a lawsuit against the startup, which prepares ICO

The reason for the claim — fears that investors can consider to buy tokens issued Blockchain. The defendants in the lawsuit are the company Paymium SAS and its founder Pierre Noizet behind the The plaintiff alleges that previously, they also have relevance to all sorts of questionable acts, in particular, may be involved in the project currently closed wallet Instawallet.

“We believe that seeks to use our brand, to avoid associations with the history of the hacking of wallets and disappearance of users ‘ funds, — said the representative of the Blockchain. — Moreover, they collect money under dubious ICO, allegedly registered by the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC). Actually, of course, is not so.”

He also said that Blockchain has decided to go into action, when it began requesting users and investors who the company.

In turn, the founder of Paymium, Pierre Noiset said that his company find strange the fact that the domain was back in 2012, attracted the attention of the company the Blockchain only in 2018, a few days before the ICO. “They have had years to contact us regarding our domain, if they are really worried”, he added.

Besides, it’s not too similar to each other and company logos, not to mention the fact that none of them have any exclusive rights to use the word future in the title.

A separate aspect — ICO, was allegedly SEC. The Commission do not register ICO, however, the company plan distribution of tokens, we can notify her about it. The corresponding application was filed by Paymium in June 2018.

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