Blockchain HTC Exodus will go on sale in December


Blockchain HTC Exodus will go on sale in December

Smartphone manufacturer HTC has announced the beginning of accepting pre-orders for the first version of the blockchain the phone Exodus. But it can be purchased only for the cryptocurrency.

Crypto-smartphone for the cryptocurrency

After almost ten years after the release of their first Android smartphone, HTC is ready to present to the world the long — awaited innovation- the blockchain the phone. The HTC Exodus1 will go on sale in December 2018. The phone will be available in the U.S., Hong Kong, Singapore, the UK, and about 30 countries.

Now HTC’s hoping to get feedback from developers regarding software smartphone. According to one of the leaders of HTC Phil Chen, the company needs feedback from the blockchain community to further improve the performance of devices.

“Our goal with blockchain community to make our wallet and the technology is more safe, in fact to test them and get feedback and suggestions from users,” he said.

Chen noted that at present there are about 35 million cryptocell.

“The essence of the HTC EXODUS 1 is to start with the consumer, who is used to using a private key, and then go on to develop such an EXODUS, which could bring a wider market”.

Payment for the smartphone will be made solely in two cryptocurrencies: bitcoin or Ethereum.

About HTC Exodus

Exodus1 smartphone was announced in mid-may of the current year. The gadget is designed to be a universal mobile wallet that supports a cryptocurrency and decentralized application. Smartphones Exodus is scheduled to merge into a single blockchain network from HTC, so users can make transactions among themselves.

Although some of the features in the smartphone will still run using the Android OS unit for storage of private keys will be separated from the OS.

To protect users HTC have provided a function key recovery for those who lose your phone or forget your keys. To do this, users must choose a few trusted contacts, each of which will need to download the app for key management.

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