Blockchain HTC smartphone became available for pre-order


The device can only be purchased with Bitcoin and Ethereum, it will be sold in 35 countries

HTC has announced that an early version of its blockchain smartphone called EXODUS 1 is already available for pre-order, sales will start in December. You can purchase the device will be for Bitcoin and Ethereum in 35 countries, writes CoinDesk.

Project managers reported that they hope to get feedback from community members regarding the trial version of the smartphone to improve it. Main priorities for the HTC — safe wallet, which can be output on the wide market to do this, it must be tested, said General Manager of the company on the decentralized technologies Phil Chen.

According to the developers of the device, it will be equipped with TrustZone is a special area in the ARM processor, which is separate from the Android OS, it will be stored crypto keys user. They will also be able to ask a few trusted contacts through which you can recover the lost data.

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