Blockchain started to take orders for your hardware wallet Lockbox


Blockchain started to take orders for your hardware wallet Lockbox

One of the largest and oldest providers of software wallets launched its own hardware wallet, in partnership with Ledger.

About the beginning of acceptance of orders for the new device, named Lockbox, the company announced October 25. The first wallets to be shipped to customers in November.

Why the company that made its name by providing analytical and statistical information, as well as well-known as a provider of software wallets, suddenly decided to try out a new field where I had to bring in a partner? Besides, we are talking about a market where proposals lacking.

However, the Blockchain is the answer to this question, and even the two, says CEO and co-founder of Blockchain’s Peter Smith.

First, the uniqueness of the application Lockbox will be that it will provide an opportunity not only to store the crypto offline, just like other devices, but also to convert the funds from one cryptocurrency to another. More precisely, this will be Swap, the new service that the Blockchain will launch next week, and the purse would support it.

And secondly, the company has set itself the strategic goal is to cover the maximum range available for the community of cryptoendoliths services. “For us it is important to provide a product where you just do not need other resources for normal operations of the user of cryptocurrency,” explains Smith.

As for the device itself, it will have the additional function control. I.e. after connecting the wallet to a computer with Internet access a special button on the device will allow him to connect only to the websites from the approved list, preventing phishing is a common technique of scammers who like to create fake versions of sites like MyEtherWallet.

Price of the device — $99,99 (although when trying to order a purse with payment in rubles or hryvnias see the amount is more like €100 — Hash#Telegraph), the delivery period is two weeks, which, however, soon to be tested in practice.

At the first stage provide support for such coins, as the bitcoin live Bitcoin and Cash, though the team assures that it will add other coins if they will be in demand.

Hopes to impose on the company a platform Swap, which should become a link between users storing their cryptocurrency wallets, and a variety of trading platforms, such as decentralized crypto currency exchange and exchange.

Actually, the fact of partnership with the Ledger indicates that the coins list can be easily expanded.

Own wallets Ledger to the beginning of the year, according to the plans, will support up to 100 coins. “This is the first big deal between our companies, and it may be some other”, — said the President of Ledger Pascal Gauthier.

“Any function that we developed for Nano’s, can be available for our product partners, if they have a need,” he said.

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