Bloomberg: Bitmain want to raise $3 billion, not $18 billion


The upcoming IPO of the largest companies for production of equipment for mining Bitmain is actively discussed in the cryptocurrency sector and international financial arena. Earlier it was reported that the company intends to raise $18 billion, but sources assured Bloomberg that the Chinese giant intends to raise only $3 billion.

It should be noted that the raised funds will be spent not only on the production of equipment for mining cryptocurrency, but also on developments in the field of artificial intelligence. This step may indicate that the company is losing faith in the potential of cryptocurrency and want to stay afloat at the expense of other innovative technologies.

Earlier edition CoinDesk, citing its sources reported that Bitmain are going to raise $18 billion. While there is no official information, and people have to guess who of them is right. If the rumors about $18 billion is confirmed, the IPO Bitmain could be in the top 10 largest IPOs in world history.

Recall that a few days ago, the chief strategic Director blockchain company Blockstream Samson MOU laid out in open access document reflecting the financial position of the company for potential IPO investors. According to him, the company was able to sell most of the BTC over the BCH, thus opening a losing position. Because Atego loss Bitmain could reach $500 million.

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