Brave new tryptomer!


Brave new tryptomer!

A decentralized state, the need for which was all the time saying cryptomnesia appeared! Its entry into the UN in the offing, the founders are in talks with countries on the recognition and buy an island in Malaysia to have its own territory? And yet Decenturion — extraterritorial state in which, according to the developers, the economy, management and communication built on blockchain technology.

To become a citizen of Decentering easier — specify the address of your Ethereum wallet and personal data, and you send the passport. Just be sure to present personal information, because soon the citizens of Decentering will be able to present it as ID and visa to travel around the world? Privacy and anonymity? Express, because we are talking about the state, and it must protect its citizens and their property? Paper ID you can get totally free by paying only 50 dollars for shipping. Did not have time until 1 August giveaway? No problem, passport you can buy, or rather, to give him air-time on forever frozen Deposit in the amount of one of the internal token of Detention. Today its price is equivalent to 112 us dollars. Although a month ago it was $1500 and the developers have promised only more expensive.

In the state of Detention don’t have to work and pay taxes. To get rich you will if not immediately, when the price of tokens DCNT will soar because of the huge demand, pretty soon, when Detention flocks blockchain startups wishing to target audience without the cost of marketing the ICO? For this opportunity they give decentralized state 50% of their tokens to be allocated between citizens in accordance with their contribution. The founders plan to accredit 30 startups this year and 300 the next. Has not accumulated ten, but among them are really working. Anyway, all citizens are promised an income of 25 thousand dollars a year and above.

In Dicentrine to work, though not necessarily, but possible. For the work of the native internal token DCNT Classic. To be clear: the internal token is like the Soviet ruble. Is expensive, but the currency will not sell. And you can only buy what is sold in the country. And the country’s Detention sold even less than the Union of the period of deep stagnation: tokens startups Decenturion, participation in voting and making laws, invitations for new citizens. Well, the citizens can sell them to each other. The possession of these tokens is very conditional, because they are stored on the wallet of the project team and the users see only the balance on their “savings account” — a personal account. Now the citizens of Decentering DCNT Classic trade among themselves, successfully embodying crypthashdata “greater fool theory”.

From a technical point of view all kinds of Decentering token is the same token that was generated on the blockchain, the Ethereum in the amount of 30 million pieces. However, for users there is a difference, and it consists in the fact, issue is whether the money on hand or just show. External tokens that are traded on the stock exchange, charged to the personal purse, that is, they “completely yours” as a personal wallet only you control.

Internal tokens stored in the wallet of the developers and only reflects the digits on the user accounts. That is, you are asked to believe on your word that you will not be deceived and sometime later will transfer them to your personal wallet.

So, it turns out, work in Dicentrine though held in high esteem, but not in price. But the money earned work outside of Decentering appreciated, maybe more. If you work for the state of Detention you can get only the internal DCNT Classic, such as journalists and bloggers, promoting the project for 20 tokens per month, on the HitBtc exchange or in the Ministry of trade Decenturion, which is the Foundation Cryptonomics Capital for their real money you can buy and DCNT Liquid that really gets into your personal wallet.

Then the question arises, why to buy them. First, because the tokens DCNT is the most optimistic cryptocurrency in the world? And even here the market is not the decree team Decenturion. That’s what they say about their coins, “the Price of tomorrow is always higher or equal to the prices (set by algorithm)”, “the Official price is published on and growing at $500 per month”, “We turn to tokens Classic DCNT and DCNT Liquid market in the best products of the decade”.

Secondly, there is such a thing as a multiplier. Buying DCNT Liquid in his crypt or the outer Fiat and placing a token on the account Decenturion, you multiply many times their conditional means and increase… it’s not quite clear what you increase really, but the founders say that weight. If you trust the management of their tokens to the Fund Cryptonomics Capital, your weight increases as possible. That weight can seriously affect everything in the state, for example, to push the laws.

How does it work? In the state of Detention direct democracy. Every citizen can make their own laws, edits, suggestions, and vote directly. However, the strength of its voice depends on the weight of the purse. Nothing like? Oligarchy, say? Not at all, because in the real world from the oligarchs money in their own wallets, as the first decentralized state on the purse Nikolai Evdokimov. Well, you remember: “do You think, gentlemen, that the state is that you? Wrong! I am the state!”

Anyway, today Detention has about 250 000 citizens, according to their own website. Criptana like the idea of the project, but work even better time-tested approaches from the Arsenal of the creators of the pyramids and the various color revolutions. Fee-free, passive income, perfect society, sinecures Ministerial posts and even the notorious bezviz.

Pictures of the promotional film Detention, the rhetoric of the speakers of the Congress, the irrepressible optimism of Nikolay Evdokimov cause a persistent Association with new religious movements, Lifespring program and network marketing. But let’s put emotions and refer to data Hash#Rating. Analysts of the edition noted that in the new economic model of the state Decenturion submitted a referral program: “Any user, inviting potential citizens on the referral link on the main page Decenturion or to your landing page, will receive 25% of the purchase DCNT Classic”. Black and white are the cornerstone of network marketing. And indeed, why not?

But even if for a moment we assume that Nikolai Yevdokimov and his associates are driven by a belief in the bright future of decentralized, try to create it is implemented with great difficulty. Utopias fail because their creators go against the natural laws of society, nature, economy, and creating my own. The state of Detention reminiscent of Frankenstein, made of pieces of quite different economic, political and ideological models, digital and psychological technologies of the living and not the dead big sad monster.

? — punctuation of irony and sarcasm. It was first proposed in the nineteenth century by the French poet Marcel Bernhardt. According to the author should be put at the beginning of sentences, but here we poswieconych — albeit worth it in the end.

Hash for content#Rating.

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