Brazil has become a leader in kryptogamen using Coinhive


Brazil has become a leader in kryptogamen using Coinhive

The greatest number of incidents associated with software to cryptogamia called Coinhive registered in Brazil. This was reported by Iranian news Agency on cyber security.

According to the report on malicious software, in 2017 in Brazil identified 81 000 cases of the use of Coinhive. India ranked second with 29 000 incidents, followed by Indonesia (23 000) and Iran (11 000).

Recall that Coinhive allows to use computing power of visitors to the web sites for mining Monero (XMR). That in itself is not illegal, however, in the majority of cases, people “forget” to ask about whether they are ready to participate in the production of the digital currency. At this point, a bona fide mining and becomes cryptogenic.

According to the may survey, about 300 sites around the world at that time contain malicious code that infects computers and forces them to participate in mining without the consent of the owners. Recently, the software found in the online game League of Legends.

According to Cointelegraph, in 2018, the number of reported cases of cryptogamia rose nearly 500%, and 5% of all XMR tokens in circulation, were extracted using such illegal methods.

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