Breakthrough of the week: project Digitex Futures rose 30 points


Breakthrough of the week: project Digitex Futures rose 30 points

Today’s stock market is similar to the patient after the operation: he is still not walking alone but feeling good. Some projects added a tenth of the cost. TRON has grown by 9.12%, Augur — by 10.01%. But the record today, as the last week was the project Digitex Futures.

5 Oct 2018 Digitex Futures broke into the top 100 Сoinmarketcap. Now the project is on the seventieth line of the list. Today assets grew by 45,66% and now the token DGTX trading at $0.11 per share. This is a very good indicator, because the main goal for the next month was called by the $0.1 for the token.

The finished product start-up no: it will only appear to the end of the year. What is involved in the growth of this asset? As the name implies, Digitex Futures is a platform for trading crypto-currency futures. Derivatives are now a very hot commodity, hence the interest. In early October, the startup has begun an active advertising campaign and the cost of token sharply went up the hill.

Investors are closely watching the project since the ICO 15 Jan 2018. Willing to invest in DGTX were so many that 700 million tokens scattered in 17 minutes. However, then they cost 10 times cheaper — $0.01 per token. Digitex investing in Futures: in this service have a strong competitive advantage. Most importantly — zero Commission.

All transactions on the platform will be implemented in the native tokens DGTX. In December 2018 traders will offer futures contracts for bitcoin, litecoin and live. Every registered user will get 1000 free DGTX.

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