Brian Kelly: If you sell bitcoin due to the delay of the ETF, then it is wrong


Bitria “news” Brian Kelly: If you sell bitcoin due to the delay of the ETF, then it is wrong

To sell bitcoin due to the delay in making the SEC the first bitcoin ETF incorrectly, says CEO BKCM Brian Kelly in the transmission of CNBC Fast Money.

In the last 48 hours cryptographic market lost $29 billion, as the main cryptocurrency fell by 10-25%.

Many analysts attribute the short-term trend of BTC with the decision of the SEC for a bitcoin ETF VanEck, and other investors raised their suspicions about the viability of the claim, especially considering that the expected delay in the decision of the SEC.

“Bitcoin has been a huge upswing in the amount of $5,800, and it was really because people thought it would be a bitcoin ETF. SEC came out and postponed this decision. A small warning about the spoiler, 30 September, the SEC probably will be delayed again, because the market is not ready for this, and the SEC has not yet received answers to their questions,” explained Kelly.

Kelly also talked about the news of the adoption of platforms Coinbase and Robinhood Ethereum Classic, the price of which rose more than 30%.

“Ethereum Personnel increased by 30% over the last month. Do driver ETC were two things: Coinbase and Robinhood. This is the first time retail investors get a real easy way to get into Ethereum Classic. Coinbase has added it to their institutional side, I think next week or so, they are going to add it to your retail platform,” said Kelly.
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