British company offers “storage vaults” for digital assets


British company offers “storage vaults” for digital assets

The British company G4S involved in cybersecurity, cryptocurrency offers investors a to use its system for the protection of digital assets.

In a statement, the company noted that in connection with the growing popularity of crypto currencies increases risks of theft of digital assets. The new service will allow you to store coins in secure offline that will protect the funds from hackers.

Lately the number of attacks on the crypto currency exchange and cryptocurrency wallets of traders has increased dramatically. According to the company CipherTrace, nearly $1 billion was stolen in the first nine months of the current year. More than $500 million of the stolen funds had on Japanese shopping site.

Senior analyst at Control risks of the company G4S Dominic Mclver said:

Our product to ensure the security of digital assets is built on the principle “store of stores”. Not only do we keep your funds in an offline mode, but divide the total amount by a small percentage, which will be stored in different places. Thus, no hacker can get access to all your funds at once.

Such systems offer and other companies. For example, the American BitGo has received permission from local regulators to provide investors with services for securely storing their cryptocurrency savings.

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