British victims of criptoportico lose ?1 million per month


British victims of criptoportico lose ?1 million per month

A call from an unknown number and a voice appealing to try investing in a crypt. So, according to local police, it starts with a typical British cryptoporticus. “Cold calls” — a proven classic, perfectly working and in the age of high technology.

In June-July 2018 criptoportico in the UK has been enriched by ?2 million Relevant information was published by British police, who issued a separate explanation to citizens about how to avoid fraudulent schemes, and what are the techniques most often used scamera.

However, it should be borne in mind that we are talking only about the citizens who, firstly, have realized themselves victims of scams, and secondly, addressed with the statement in law enforcement bodies. So, in fact, the damages may be more.

The report also notes that many hapless investors begin to suspect that something was wrong only when the site, promising them fabulous profits disappears from the network, and phone numbers suddenly completely stop responding.

Britons advised to redouble vigilance against coming from strangers, unsolicited investment offers, especially if we are talking about “cold calls.”

Before making a decision about investing, it is recommended to inquire about the company contacts the potential customer fraudsters is pretty adept at creating websites and ads, almost as good as real.

However, scammers often forced to use non-existent or false registration information or details that you can find in the appropriate registries that are available online. Another characteristic detail — the use of well-known brands of investment and financial companies and names of celebrities.

In addition, scammers often limited in time, unlike ordinary companies, therefore, much more try to pressure the client to accept the decision. “Invest now, tomorrow may be too late” — this is a very alarming signal.

We will remind, earlier similar warning was made by the Office of financial regulation (the FCA) of the UK, to warn potential investors about the scams, using the names similar to existing companies. Just this week on the FCA website there are two reports of criptoportico pretending to be affiliated companies of real or use of their data.

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