add support for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic


Owned by Bitmain mining pool will soon add support for Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

The company said in a press release. Users will be able to join the pool production of two new cryptocurrencies through the portal

Thanks to a new service, miners can quickly switch your power from one coin to another, if the need arises.

In a press release said that this step is done with the aim of scaling of mining infrastructure Ethereum. In theory this means that the network must become more decentralized, however, pool will effectively control the mining power.

It should be noted that the pool will support mining as graphics cards and Azekah, despite the fact that Bitmain has recently released specializing in Ethereum ASIC miner. Projects Director Bitmain-Jung Chuang explained that the relevance of the GPU, which is preserved to this day.

“GPU-miners are still universal, profitable and not so easily replaced “bear” market. This is a common tactic among the miners to share investment in both types of mining”, he said.

The pool also does not exclude the possibility of introducing support Litecoin, Monero and zcash for in the future, but at this time, specific plans have not.

Recall that the company Bitmain, which is the largest manufacturer of equipment for mining, intends to hold an IPO on the Hong Kong stock exchange. According to various sources, they intend to bring from $3 to $18 billion.

It also became known that Bitmain has opened a losing position at BCH $500 million and in addition to this, the price of asik Antminer S9 fell by 85%. According to preliminary estimates for the second quarter, the company could take a loss of $600-700 million.

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