announced the creation of a mining pool Ethereum


Bitria “news” announced the creation of a mining pool Ethereum mining pool, which is the largest to date and owned by the company-developer of ASIC-miners Bitmain, has announced the opening of the pool for mining cryptocurrency Ethereum and Ethereum Classic.

According to a press release of the company’s miners will be rewarded for participation in the pool for the extraction of ETH or ETC through a system of Full Pay Per Share. According to the project Director these actions will promote Ethereum.

Now a large share of the market occupied by the GPU device, which initially maynila Ethereum, but the company Bitmain has developed this year ASIC miner to start mining cryptocurrency on algorithm Ethash. Despite the developed ASIC new pool will include options mining GPU and CPU. This choice was justified by the fact that the GPU miners are universal and are still profitable.

Also, the pool representative said that he is not worried about the planned transition Ethereum on a new consensus algorithm Proof-of-Stake. In his opinion the team pool will be able to create a new pool with the regime PoS. Of course, creating a new pool with the new algorithm will be a complex process, but the team already has experience with Ethereum wallets.

Currently the pool owns 17.7 per cent of all hesret of the Bitcoin network, and the second pool of AntPool, the company is owned by Bitmain, has 12.2% from the total Hasrat of the Bitcoin network. As representatives last year the pool was able to produce 21% of all bitcoin blocks.

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