Ethereum will be mine and his fork. What will happen with tokens


Subsidiary Bitmain will launch a new mining pools. Now it produces only Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash

Company start scale mining infrastructure Ethereum, will produce the second capitalization of the cryptocurrencies and Ethereum fork Classic. Users will be able to switch their computing power depending on the situation in the industry.

Mining coins will take place on the GPU, despite the fact that previously released Bitmain ASIC for the production of ether. Director Zhuang Zhong said that this is due to the simplicity and versatility of GPU-miners. The following year control of this mining-pool will go to 12% Hasrat network Aldona. — one of the largest mining pools for Bitcoin and Bitcoin for Cash. In August, he launched airdrop in honor of the birthday of the fork first cryptocurrency. On the streets of 15 major cities, including Moscow, were posters with QR codes, reading which, you can get free digital money.

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