will start mining Ethereum


Despite the fact that the price of the cryptocurrency has dropped significantly, the mining industry is also growing at a rapid pace and firms such as Bitmain, Canaan, EBang other, doing everything possible to succeed against the General market downtrend.

So, in the coming days going to start pool mining Ethereum (Ethereum and Classic).

Today has relative dominance over the bitcoin network with 16% Hasrat. The pool also has a similar level of dominance over Bitcoin Cash, with a substantial 14%. But now suddenly, drew attention to the Ethereum blockchain.

According to The Next Web Zhuang Zhong, the head of the pool expects, Hasrat mining Ethereum will grow to 12% of the total Hasrat ETH in the next 12 months. Although this goal sounds pretty ambitious, some believe that the company can achieve and exceed their ambitions, as has become an integral part and a trusted name cryptosystem.

The new pool will support Ethereum and Ethereum Classic, at the same time, to maximize the profitability of mining, users are given the option to automatically switch between the two assets.

Zhong also noted that the new pool will most likely be able to maintain a long-awaited integration of Casper from the Ethereum Protocol, after which the Ethereum network will switch from POW to POS. He added that the hybrid model consensus remains possible.

In case successfully switch to the PoS model, it is likely that the service will be a significant part of support from the community.

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