Bug in Tezos slowed down the network 20 times


In the core network blockchain project Tezos was discovered a bug a week after its official launch. According tzscan.io, August 24, due to the vulnerability of production units increased from 1 to 20 minutes.


The user of the hosting service for IT projects Networks under the name “Jérémie” reported freezing blocks in 45 minutes. Later in the chat Riot, he learned that developers know about the problem and they are working on a solution.


As stated by a Reddit user under the nickname “murbard”, the bug occurred during JSON serialization, which served as the programming language for data exchange between the “bakers” and nodes.


As at 25 September 08:00 UTC network Tezos worked in standard bandwidth mode — 1 block in 1 minute.

ForkLog previously reported that PwC will audit Tezos Foundation.

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