Bulls, bears and fans in cryptosuite


Bulls, bears and fans in cryptosuite

In cryptosuite always very noisy. Bulls loudly proclaim the arrival of a new era, and the bears grumble that the reasons for optimism. However, in this company there are people whose voices rise above the DIN of the crowd. They deserve that we give them their time and attention.

We present you a small list of the most vociferous bulls and ferocious bears of cryptomeria.

Bitcoin bulls Tom Lee, @fundstrat

Tom Lee, co-founder and head of the analytical Department of the consulting company Fundstrat, is optimistic about the future of bitcoin. On wall street called him “a pathological bull”, which might explain his current fascination with bitcoin. Anyway, Whether working at JP Morgan and now at Fundstrat, has earned a reputation as a smart strategist and analyst.

His prediction: $25 000 for 1 BTC by the end of 2018

Tim Draper @TimDraper

Tim Draper is one of the pioneers of venture capitalism in Silicon valley. He was an early investor in companies like Skype, Hotmail, Baidu and Overture. Draper continues to engage in venture capital, investing in rapidly growing technology sector and supporting education reform.

His prediction: $250,000 over 1 BTC by 2022

Tyler and Cameron Winklevoss, @winklevoss

Gemini Winklevoss was primarily known through the dramatic story of Facebook (for a long time they insisted that mark Zuckerberg stole the idea for their website). But today they are famous for its status as the world’s first bitcoin billionaires. The brothers play an important role in the bitcoin community, being the owners of cryptocurrency exchanges Gemini and say that they own 1% of all circulating bitcoins.

Their prediction: $320 000 over 1 BTC in the next 10-20 years

Not all bulls make public forecasts about the future exchange rate of bitcoin, but each of them is ready to fight for the idea of scriptorially. Many investors and money managers enthusiastically support hundreds of projects to improve and expand the cryptocurrency ecosystem.

Blythe masters, @blythemasters

Masters current head of the company’s Digital Assets Holdings and a former top Manager of the Bank JPMorgan Chase. Masters and Digital Assets Holdings are interested in creating infrastructure based on coding techniques that will improve efficiency, safety and speed of calculations in transactions with such assets as bitcoin.

Michael Novogratz, @novogratz

Novogratz is the founder and head of the Digital Galaxy, also known cryptoanalysis. After leaving the service in the National guard of the state of new Jersey, Novogratz has gained valuable experience working at Goldman Sachs. He then worked at Fortress Investments in 2007 and 2008 were included in the list of billionaires from Forbes. Entrepreneur keeps the faith in bitcoin, saying in an interview with CNN Money that “the portfolio of practically every investor needs 1-2% consist of cryptocurrency”.

Dan Morehead, @dan_pantera_

Morehead — President of the company Pantera Capital, whose portfolio now has more than 50 projects related to bitcoin and bloccano. Pantera was founded in 2013 under the direction of Morehead brought to investors more than 23,000% profit.

Bitcoin bears

Bears are investors who still are skeptical about the future of bitcoin. Their skepticism is often a reasonable basis and is a necessary counterweight to soroptimism bulls that have flooded the market. By the way, bears do not necessarily exhibit pessimism about bitcoin and the blockchain in General.

Jamie Dimon, @emo_jamie_dimon

President JP Morgan Chase not only does not hesitate to say anything critical of bitcoin, but openly declares that it is a Scam, comparing what is happening with starting from the nozzle boom in the Netherlands. Daymon once claimed that the value of bitcoin is based on nothing, saying in an interview with Reuters:

“This currency is not going to work. It is impossible to conduct business, where people simply create money out of thin air, and think that those who buy it, do something to think”.

However, recently daymon slightly softened his stance against bitcoin, saying in an interview with CNBC that now believes “in the reality of the blockchain”.

Bill Harris @BillHarris

Harris, the former head of several well-known companies including PayPal and intuit. In his article “Bitcoin is the greatest Scam in history” Harris is not shy in the choice of words in describing their negative attitude to bitcoin. In this text, Harris claims that bitcoin has no value nor as a payment system, or as a means of storing capital. Harris claims that bitcoin is a Scam and the “giant pump and dump, the likes of which the world has never seen.”

Charles Munger

Billionaire and Vice-President of Berkshire Hathaway sees bitcoin have great potential and wish it was destroyed. According to manger, bitcoin disgusting and toxic. Legendary investor actively opposed to bitcoin and other cryptocurrency projects, and his view is shared by his colleague and head of Berkshire Hathaway Warren Buffett. Obviously, the investment portfolio of Berkshire Hathaway bitcoin we will not see.

Bitcoin fans

Apart from the investments, in the real world of cryptocurrency yet find not many applications compared to Fiat counterparts. However, there are several projects where cryptocurrencies on a regular basis integrated in commercial activity and are the means of payment. Large retailers such as Microsoft, Steam and Pornhub have built-in option cryptocurrency payments, but it is still rarely used.

Yet not many people have the opportunity to get paid and to pay in bitcoins, and it usually occurs as a result of personal choice, not by default. To live on bitcoins, and not just see them as an object for investment, you must be a true supporter of crypto currencies. These enthusiasts who try to use in daily life only bitcoins are an example of what mass adoption of cryptocurrency is real. These individuals have bitcoin to strength, making it part of your life and assuming all related risks.

These cryptocurrency pioneers prove that bitcoin can survive in the natural habitat outside of cryptocurrency exchanges.

Andreas Antonopoulos, @aantonop

This eloquent bitcoin preacher actively using cryptocurrency instead of Fiat currency. It is known that Antonopoulos uses bitcoin as often as at all possible (and does it already since 2012, when he first learned about bitcoin). Antonopoulos believes bitcoin is real money: “Why bitcoin is money? Because others believe it to be money. You can write a dozen doctoral theses, details proving that bitcoins are not money, but I live on them for two years. Therefore, it does not matter what is written in your thesis, because for me it’s the money.”

Olaf Carlson-Wee, @polychaincap

Today Carlson-Wee is best known as the founder of the cryptocurrency Polychain Capital Fund that has turned $ 4 million in a billion or more. However, it is known that even before Polychain Olaf for three years lived on some bitcoins. Becoming the first employee of a new cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase, Olaf began to get paid exclusively in bitcoins.

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