Business forum “SayFuture: Security” – a new format of business events in Moscow




24-25 October 2018 at VDNKH in the pavilion № 75 at the first exhibition market of Russia held a Forum “SayFuture: Security”, created by Finnish format Forum Slush.

“SayFuture: Security” is a forum of international level about the current security technologies and the technologies of the future, which will bring together over 5,000 influential domestic and foreign experts and practitioners in one space for free and business communication and discussion of topical issues and security technologies.

Speakers in a dynamic format Stand Up and answer relevant security questions and present the latest IT-solutions in dozens of themed tracks. High-tech products and projects will be considered by the jury in the contest tracks, and the best ones will receive awards and cash prizes.

Key tracks in the innovation:

• PR of the future;
• Drones;
• Cybersecurity;
• Collaborative robotics;
Blockchain safe;
• Artificial intelligence;
• Special projects “Security future,”;
• The global security technologies;
• VR/AR;
• Big Data;
• Trends of the financial market etc.

Discussion tracks will be held in strict timing on a few scenes:

• MAIN STAGE performance by professional domestic and foreign experts on security.
• GREEN STAGE — leading companies will acquaint participants with innovative programs and technical developments in security.
• 100 INNOVATIONS SHOWCASE — participants of the contest “national security” will talk about new technical developments in the nominations.
• BACKUP STAGE cases for installation and maintenance of security systems, information for consumers about the cost, installation and maintenance of security systems, business training.

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