“But it’s not exactly” hot cryptogamy the foreseeable future


“But it’s not exactly” hot cryptogamy the foreseeable future

The year is not over, but it is clear that part of the hot topics community today, a few months will be interesting to nobody. What will write specialized media in 2019? What are the main cryptocracy next year?

In the new year we will not be writing about ICO. At least as often. Boom of krautsalat in the past. In January of 2018, the most profitable to blockchain startups the month in ICO projects have poured $3 billion, in August — only $326 million Investors are losing interest in the fact that startups began to rarely offer something new: 90% of altcoins code 80% code copies of other projects.

We won’t write about John McAfee, because till 2020 nothing cooler than autofellatio the old man still did not come up.

We won’t write about the regulators, to make statements about the risks of cryptocurrency transactions. The fashion for such statements is, and now regulators are carefully examining the possibilities of the blockchain (a the most daring — are creating special conditions to attract the blockchain startups).

We are not going to write about Bitcoin Cash, because after hard forks, scheduled for November 15, the platform risks to fall into the sad world of shadows for the 101-km marketcap. It is unknown whether it will keep its name, or we will get something like Bitcoin and Bitcoin Cash ABC Cash nChain (the names of the parties to the conflict — developer-Bitcoin ABC and research company nChain). But the Holy place is never empty: will write about. Yes we are here right now and tell you about it!

Security tokens

Since the second half of 2017, the regulators of different countries began to make statements that ICO-tokens strikingly similar to the securities. I mean, have the same properties. Then all went to the Commission on securities and exchange Commission (SEC), which stated that under the law on securities covered almost all tokens.

With the issuers of assets that have, in the opinion of the Commission, the properties of the securities in the United States do badly. For example, the creators of the startup Centra now awaiting the verdict in the court of the southern district of new York. The three of them shines 65 years in prison.

That security tokens will be in 2019 a hot commodity, evidenced by the unprecedented activity in this sector of cryptoamnesia. One (Indiegogo and OpenFinance) has launched an exchange for trading security tokens, the other (Binance) has announced the launch of these services, and others (Coinbase) are going to trade them on the main platform.

They say that in 2019, the most ICO perekvalificirovat in STO (Security Token Offering), which will be held in accordance with the rules of the SEC.

“In 2019, the security tokens will change the industry business venture as well as e-mail regular mail changed”, — said General Director of hedge Fund Capital Vellum Eric Kovalak.

“Next year will be the year of security-tokens — confirms Kyle Asman, co-founder of the consulting company BX3 Capital. — People don’t need assets, not involving equity participation and receive part of the profit in the future.”

Correction to increase in the value of assets

Some things never change. Look at the chart price fluctuations of bitcoin. It consists of repeated cycles — first a rise, then a correction. It always has been and always will be.

“Even the most top assets will fall further before you reach new levels of cost, says Eric Kovalak. — Do not think that bitcoin can’t go below $3500. Can. But that’s what attracts investors.”

Decentralized exchange

The decentralized crypto currency exchange (DEXы) has not yet lived up to their expectations: in July 2018 craftsmen hacked Bancor. The truth is, this is like the McAfee, who claimed that the purse BitFi hack impossible? However, now DEX is a kind of must have. Decentralized exchanges have begun to open centralized exchange like Bitfinex and Binance, not to mention P2P projects like OmiseGO and MakerDAO.

The advantages of such exchanges are obvious: the crypt no need to trust the mediator, you do not need to undergo the procedure of verification. DEX has already launched on the NEO. Say, just for the blockchain EOS this year there will be two or three decentralized exchange. It’s an epidemic, not otherwise.

The transition of large companies into the blockchain

Almost every day some of the people’s Bank of China, Lufthansa, Visa, FedEx, or Huawei launches enterprise services, and this process is gaining momentum.

Particularly active in the DLT-trailer jumps the banks and various financial companies. “I think we are waiting for 12 months of continuous blockchain”, — shared his forecast for 2019 chief operating officer of the company TCS Ganapati Subramaniam.

“I predict that 2019 will be similar to 1999, when companies like Oracle, Siebel, Clarify, SAP, Broadvision significantly increased profit through automation, said Khaled Khorshid, co-founder of a startup shanita Kirkpatrick. — Beginning in 2019 DApps will lead the company to a new level.”

Institutional investors

Our favourite subject! When will the institutional investors, all cryptohalite will finally be able to tell your family, tired to eat Mivina: “Aha! And you did not believe(a)! Now we’re rich!”

“Soon the herd of institutional investors rush to cryptoprotection,” he said, speaking on held in July, summit Beyond Summit Blocks, Mike Novogratz.

Mike can be trusted, moreover, that indirect signs indicate that this parish will take place here. One of them — custodial services captainvalor. Martin Chavez, chief financial officer of Goldman Sachs, admitted that the company can offer its customers transactions with digital assets, yet will not solve the problem of storing cryptocurrencies. But these issues have been resolved: service for major investors has launched the largest U.S. crypto currency exchange Coinbase, and the other day about creating a repository for institutional investors, said the representatives of BitGo.

“2019 will be the year when investors in the stock markets will begin to invest in digital assets, predicts the founder of crypto currency exchange Fcoin Zhang Jian. — By this time in many countries will be necessary for the effective regulation of the market standards and cryptosphere gush a wave of new market makers.”


The number of new high-speed block chain just rolls over. Tron and EOS overclocked to 1200 TPS, GoChain — to 1300, MetaHash — 80 000. The speed of the blockchain-service Devvio reached 2.5 million transactions per second, the Modulus crypto currency exchange 10 million TPS. These achievements are not in lab or test networks and blockchains already running services.

To pretend that nothing is happening in this situation is simply impossible. Even Buterin, the brainchild of which works at a speed of 15 TPS, constantly speaks of the need of implementation of decisions of the second level of sharding and “Plasma”. These protocols, according to Vitalik, increase the speed of Ethereum to a million transactions per second.

“The most exciting and significant developments in the field of blockchain now relate to the so-called solutions of the second level, such as Lightning Network for Bitcoin and Plasma for the Ether,” says Dhruv Bansal, analyst and founder of FINTECH companies Unchained Capital. — Most cryptoprocta just got lucky: they skillfully attract investors, with fees increasing all the time, and throughput drops.”

Bansal believes that in the new year most of the projects focus on addressing issues of scalability. The more that developers already have someone to look up to. Dhruv meant Lightning Network. The network launched in early 2018. Now the number of LN-nod rose to 3454, payment channels — 12 438, capacity — 115,78 BTC. In January 2018, when the cost of regular transactions in Bitcoin has risen to $60 on those results, anybody and did not dare to dream.


All want stability, even the Higgs boson and Nicolas Maduro. The stability of the stock market is too far from the realm of fiction. However, the solution for increasing stability, there is and it is called “stablon”. A couple of years ago, these coins are few who needed. When in 2014 appeared BitUSD, the demand for this asset did not exceed $33 thousand per day. In 2015, when launched USDT, traders poured into the asset is not more than $10 thousand per day.

At the time stabilini could be counted on the fingers of one hand. And what is happening now! Only last week stabilini launched Carbon Alprockz, Gemini and Paxos.

Most of the newly created coins will never reach the first hundreds of cryptonatica, but that’s not it. The fact that now all want stablon the same as in December 2017 wanted bitcoin. Read the headlines of the latest news: “the Largest Bank of Japan has begun testing its own stabilin”, “Liechtenstein Union Bank will release its own stabilin”, “crypto currency exchange Binance, OKEx, Huobi and Upbit become investors stablon Terra”, “IBM involved in the launch of a new stabilini”, “On the EOS platform launch stablon”.

Soon this mania will not work. “Financial Ledger system needs a stable environment and truly stable crypto-currency, — explain the reason for the popularity tablconv representatives MakerDAO a startup producing “a stable coin” DAI.

And so in the new year we will get more tablconv, so different, with beautiful and catchy tickers — jUSD, jEUR, IOU, SGA, StableUSD, USDC, A-EUR, STB, StableUnit, SDR.

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