Camera! Motor! The network will be the film “State vs bitcoin. Admit me if you can”


The work on the film led the Studio “show and tell”.

The film will be online in the first half of September. The shooting of the film was launched at the end of last year. They are Shooting pictures began in the winter of 2018 took place on the territory of Denmark, Sweden, Germany, Finland, Estonia and Russia. The work was finished in mid-spring.

Script writers are trying to give an objective analysis of the relations to the main cryptocurrency and cryptoamnesia in various States. The film also raised the issue of the impact of the new pros and cons of the industry of digital currencies for the government.

The team claims that this is original work that reveals the essence of vzaimodeistvie cryptosphere all over the world. In addition, the authors try to see into the future. In the film participate representatives of the community.

In April of this year, it was announced that in Hollywood a movie about the fraud with the digital currency. The script was written by blogger Guram Intskirveli. The plot is action-Packed pictures based on real events.

Hollywood producer Sasha Shapiro (“Rage”, “Sabotage”) has purchased the movie rights to an exciting Thriller. Working title “21 seconds”. The plot is built on the history of the Russian racer-lover, who is drawn into a large-scale Scam associated with digital currencies.

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