Capitalization of the stock market has reached record lows


The total value of the market scriptaction currently is , which corresponds to values a year ago.

This observation was shared The Block analyst Larry Cermak.

The market capitalization as well as volumes of top 50 ERC20 tokens have hit 1-year lows.

— Larry Cermak (@lawmaster)

On the chart you can see that the market capitalization is closely correlated dynamics of trading volume of the top 50 tokens, Ethereum-standard ERC-20. Activity of trade in the past has also made marks a year ago.

It is worth noting that currently the rapidly falling price of bitcoin.

BTC/USD 30-minute chart of the exchange Bitstamp

As it usually happens, the fall of bitcoin exchange rate puts pressure on the entire market:


Earlier, the proponent of the Elliott wave theory Evie, Gilbert suggested that the rock bottom price of BTC at $4700 will be reached around mid-December of the current year.

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