CB: “Cerberi” is the largest financial pyramid in Russia


Central Bank of Russia revealed obvious signs of fraud and financial pyramids in the activities of an “investment project”, Casbee” and gave information about the organization to the General Prosecutor and the interior Ministry.

Russian and foreign companies of the group “Cerberi” base their activities on the principles of network marketing, promise an increased return on investment, and conduct aggressive marketing in the media and social networks. The funds involved in Fiat currency (rubles) and in crypto-currencies, but any signs of real economic activities, these organizations do not exist. Also it is noted that these companies are openly offering financial services are not licensed by the Bank of Russia.

According to preliminary estimates of the Central Bank, HYIP “, Cerberi” managed to draw a pyramid of tens of thousands of people.

“Cerberi” — one of the largest and most ambitious financial pyramids, which we were able to identify over the last few years. It launched its activities in various regions across the country. It is noteworthy that in recent time it is very aggressively marketed, and try to involve as many citizens as possible,” said the Director of the Department on combating unfair practices of the Central Bank Valery Lyakh.


“We believe it my duty to warn the citizens about the high risks associated with investing money in this “project” to reduce their possible damage,” said Lyakh.

In 2015 2018гг the Bank of Russia recorded the activity of more than 600 organizations and Internet projects, having signs of financial pyramids.

We will remind, in July the Bank of Russia reported about the enormous increase in the number cryptocurrency of financial pyramids in the country that are disguised as high-yield investment projects. For the first half of 2018, the Central Bank has revealed dozens of similar fraudulent projects and have recorded an unprecedented increase in the number of organizations involved in illegal financial activities.

Earlier we reported that the all-Russian public organization of assistance to borrowers, “the Union of protection of the rights of consumers of financial services” (Finpotrebsoyuz), who is also the study of the risks of the stock market, filed to the Prosecutor’s office and the Bank of Russia with a request to conduct an audit in relation to the ICO and CryptoRandom Pavel Krymov, followed by the Prosecutor General’s office began investigating the activities of financial pyramids of the entrepreneur-cheater.

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