Cboe analyst: Bitcoin is less volatile than stocks Amazon


Cboe analyst: Bitcoin is less volatile than stocks Amazon

According to analyst, Chicago Board options exchange (Cboe) Kevin dewitty the main cryptocurrency now less volatile than the shares of such giants as Amazon and Nvidia. The expert drew attention to the fact that for the last 20 days, the volatility of bitcoin was approximately 31.5 per cent.

Over the same period, Amazon shares and Nvidia demonstrated fluctuations at 35 and 40%, respectively, said CCN. Shares of other tech giants, Netflix and Apple have shown the volatility of 52 and 29%.

The analyst emphasizes that bitcoin has entered the stage of maturation and creates the conditions under which the whole cryptocurrency market will show stability. In late September, the largest digital currency has shown the lowest volatility over two years.

The last time the coin remained almost motionless at the end of 2016. The cessation of oscillations or signals about a possible collapse or, on the contrary, of the impending explosion of the market and a new rally. DeWitt predicts the imminent change in the dynamics of bitcoin, but pointed out another fact: even in the brightest moments of the volatility of the main coin was more stable than securities of the company Tilray, specializing in the production of drugs from cannabis.

It is too early to talk about the near completion of the stage of maturation of the cryptocurrency market, but now, many factors reflect exactly the same dynamics, the expert said.

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