Central Bank of Venezuela has released an application for exchange of old currency on El Petro


The Central Bank of Venezuela has created a mobile app that allows Android users to exchange the old national currency, the Bolivar for free El Petro.

Soberana La Calculadora es una herramienta para todas y todos los venezolanos es el mejor aliado que tendrá el pueblo para asimilar y entender el proceso de reconversión monetary policy and.#CalculadoraSoberana #BolívarSoberano

Descárgala aquí //t.co/lgX5negDLN pic.twitter.com/8nubLX54be

— Banco Central de Venezuela (@BCV_ORG_VE) August 25, 2018

“Calculadora Soberana” is an app for everyone and for every Venezuelan that will help absorb and make the process of financial reconstruction in the country.”

At the moment the application is already available in Play Market and has been downloaded over 10 thousand times.

We will remind that earlier the government had decided to replace the existing national currency new currency which will be tied to bitcoin El Petro.

In addition, from August 20 to all prices and wages in the country, tied to El Petro.

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