CEO ABCC appeals to the leaders of industry leaders at the summit of the DELTA in Malta


CEO ABCC appeals to the leaders of industry leaders at the summit of the DELTA in Malta

Addressing a distinguished audience of more than 3,000 industry experts and thinkers, he shared his experience and understanding of the future of cryptotanshinone in the elementary ecosystem. In addition, Mr. Cheng has participated in two additional panels, shedding light on the role of the blockade in violation of business processes, and tendencies of the world industry in the area of regulatory technology and regulation of digital assets.

From 3 to 5 October 2018 to the Malta summit DELTA serves as a place for startups, companies and investors to facilitate the exchange of opinions and trends on a wide range of topics related to the block chain. Participating together with the most renowned organizations of the industry, the ABCC took on a mandatory set of sponsorship equal to the category with its excellent colleagues that reflects the ambitions of the exchange.

Commenting on the sponsorship of the ABCC, Mr. Cheng said, “With the constant evolution that we face in the world of digital assets, we need to understand how best to use innovative technology. Being one of hyperpartisan, we’re proud to share this opportunity with DELTA Summit. This event is an important event to showcase our recent progress with a wider community the blockchain and crypto “.

He added: “Malta is among the first countries to be innovators, introducing encryption rules. The ABCC decision on the establishment of our headquarters in Europe, Malta is a strong validation of our commitment to support and provide favorable regulation block chain for this strategically important market. I’m optimistic this will help to strengthen our presence in Europe and beyond “.

In the quest of becoming an investment destination for Fintek, the Maltese Parliament approved three bills to establish a regulatory framework for the technology of the block chain in July, which should come into force on 1 November 2018.

For his part, Dr. Abdullah Kablan, CEO of DELTA Summit, said: “We are very pleased to accept the ABCC at the summit of the DELTA. ABCC – really exciting company, and their presence in the DELTA is a powerful addition to a number of outstanding members.”

ABCC has witnessed tremendous growth since its launch in April 2018, which now offers its product in five different languages to users from more than 120 countries. In September 2018 the exchange was launched ABCC Cloud, SaaS service, which helps users to create exchange. The firm will also launch ABCC Pro, the free version with the best trading experience and binary options later this month. He also plans to expand its offerings to wallets, studying the possibility of trading with Fiat.

With advanced technological and operational capabilities exchange is committed to provide a safe and comfortable platform for the exchange of digital assets that provides seamless, effective and efficient user interface. Exchange world-class, offering digital assets and trading solutions to users worldwide. Currently the company has dozens of digital assets with BTC, ETH and USDT as the base currency.

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