CEO Binance Zhao Chanpen opens its plans to expand its influence on all continents.


CEO Binance Zhao Chanpen opens its plans to expand its influence on all continents.

About the company’s plans Zhao Chanpen announced at a press conference in Singapore, where he also told how under his leadership Binance has gone from collected $ 15 million through the ICO start-up to the world’s largest crypto currency exchange.

Zhao spoke about his future vision of Bianca, stating that he wanted to create a trading platform fiat-to-crypto on every continent. By setting an aggressive goal, Zhao said that by this time next year it plans to launch at least 5-10 exchanges on the principle of “cricket”, and ideally two in each continent.

On Tuesday, the largest cryptocurrency exchange has already held a closed beta testing crypto-Fiat trading platform in Singapore, after which Binance CEO said that he hoped to launch the platform within a few months.

According to Zhao Campana in the long-term goal Binance remains the creation of a decentralized exchange, but also the launch of crypto-Fiat platform in Singapore will be a turning point in the history of Binance. He acknowledged that the capitalization of the cryptocurrency market is still much lower than traditional:

“Fiat still where all the money. …And we have to open this gate”

Last week Binance announced the joint launch of the platform for trading security tokens with the Malta stock exchange and the head of the company stressed that Binance plans to continue to co-operate with small countries. According to him, these countries usually easier and faster to agree to open dialogue:

“In countries such as Malta, we have the ability to communicate with government officials of the highest rank more effective… They also appreciate the investment that we make to the local economy”

For example, in June Binance launched a platform for exchange between cryptocurrencies and Fiat in Uganda. Then Zhao said that the opening of the crypto currency exchange in Uganda “shows that Binance is focused not only on the developed markets”, and she is interested in the entire African continent.

Also launched in August trading platform in Liechtenstein Binance LCX already predlagaemogo Swiss francs (CHF) and Euro (EUR) against the other major digital currencies, while the government of Liechtenstein is furthermore of the opinion that the cryptocurrency market does not need excessive regulation.

In the first quarter of this year profit Binance amounted to 200 million dollars in the second quarter declined due to falling market to $ 150 million, however, Chanpen told reporters that he is not afraid of the impact of market volatility on Binance. Also this month, the founder and CEO of the Chinese crypto currency exchange Binance has denied rumors that the company plans to conduct a public offering (IPO), Reaffirming its confidence in the sustainability of the company.

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