CEO Dash: cryptocurrencies don’t need investors on wall street


CEO Dash: cryptocurrencies don’t need investors on wall street

Ryan Taylor told, why I left the stock market, started digital money and believes in their future.

Taylor worked for 15 years in the financial services market and technologies. Before joining the Dash, he was a stock analyst at new York investment company. In an interview on CCN Taylor explained that he had gone to kryptonyte for two reasons:

The first is a huge opportunity that I see in this direction. This is a very young industry with immense potential for sensible projects. The second reason is that this technology can change the world for the better, giving people from the most vulnerable more financial freedom. It is really an exciting place to work.

Dash is a cryptocurrency and a decentralized Autonomous organization that allows for anonymous digital payments. Dash is widely used in Venezuela (more than 800 enterprises attended the coin) and Zimbabwe.

According to Taylor, the company with wall street used to work on large projects in a confidential environment. So many of those who now publicly ignore the cryptocurrency or predicting them a quick death, soon can provide their own solutions in this area.

The influence of traditional financial institutions, investing in cryptocurrency is quietly. However, Taylor believes that coin and tokens will evolve independently of external forces:

Cryptocurrencies don’t need wall street for growth. Every year they take more and more regardless of the support of institutional investors. There are large pros and cons of joining wall street in new market, but I think that there is no universal positive trends due to the fact that cryptocurrencies are increasingly being integrated with traditional financial system.

The merger of the stock market with banking and shopping sectors will definitely improve the usability. However, digital money have to overcome, and other obstacles that stand in the way of mass dissemination:

Now, regulatory uncertainty prevents most of the companies were able to provide services or to support payments in the cryptocurrency. In the end, the regulators will catch up with the market and will give companies the instructions and regulations necessary comfortable working with a new class of assets.

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