CEO of crypto currency exchange Buda calls for help from President of Colombia


CEO of crypto currency exchange Buda calls for help from President of Colombia

Alejandro Beltran, the Director of Colombia’s largest crypto currency exchange, appealed to the newly President of the country Ivan Duque, asking for help. don’t want to cater to Colombian banks and Duque stated that the blockchain now is a priority sector for the Colombian economy. I wonder what it will end.
“As a FINTECH company, we want to promote the introduction of new technologies in Colombia, writes in a letter to President Alejandro Beltran. But because of the pressure, which the previous government had on banks, forcing them to close our accounts, 40,000 customers lost the opportunity to buy cryptocurrency”.

The position of Colombian banks in relation to cryptocurrency companies has led to the fact that many of them were on the verge of bankruptcy. Due to the fact that the largest banks like Bancolombia, Davivienda and BBVA has ceased to serve the crypto currency exchange Buda, this company was forced to suspend operations.

But after 7 August 2018 President was Ivan Duque, Bertrand began to hope for a solution to this problem. Duque said that the blockchain and artificial intelligence can help Colombia in the fight against corruption, and therefore, the Director Buda decided to write a letter to the President.

“We do not require special treatment, we just ask for the resumption of access for banking services, — says Beltran. — We are determined to promote new technologies and develop in Colombia the cryptocurrency industry”.

At the time of publication Beltran has not received a response from the President.

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