CEO of Visa: if needed, we will support cryptocurrencies


The head of a multinational company Visa Alfred Kelly stated that Visa may have cryptocurrency, if the global market will move in the direction of consensus-currencies like bitcoin and Ethereum.

During a speech on the program Mad Money, the CEO of Visa stated that the cryptocurrency as an asset class, do not pose a threat backed currencies, which are the Foundation for products with Visa, but with the growth of the use of cryptocurrencies, the company will support them:

“I think it should be similar to Vietnam market for us to be comfortable on it. If he goes in this direction, we follow. We want to be a mediator in each payment stream, regardless of how it happens and what is behind this currency. If need be, we will support cryptocurrencies. But right now, they are more goods than a payment mechanism”

The opinion of the General Director of Visa is much more balanced than the opinion of one of top managers of global payment processing company Visa Vasanta Prabhu, who is absolutely not recognize bitcoin and has stated that bitcoin and other digital currency is a tool for “crooks and crooked politicians.”

The company’s desire to be a mediator may not fit the philosophy of fans of the cryptocurrency. In addition, during a speech at TechCrunch Disrupt 2017 Vitalik Buterin said that soon the blockchain will be able to catch up and just replace the payment network Visa. It is noteworthy that even the former CEO of Visa moved to CryptoStream that uses cryptocurrency for the processing of daily payments.

However, Visa also could seriously contribute to the promotion of cryptocurrencies, due to our extensive network accepts the card businesses. However when bitcoin will get mass use, it just will not need any intermediary.

Meanwhile, this month the American multinational company has announced details of the development of the payment system for business Visa B2B Connect on the basis of the blockchain technology, scheduled for launch in the first quarter of 2019.

Also in October, there were reports that the largest international payment systems Visa and MasterCard, this year will take tougher measures against the cryptocurrency.

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