CEO Tradeshift: Blockchain technology has a “low productivity” for use in supply chains




Tradeshift CEO Christian Lanng opposed to the “hype” about the role of Blockchain technology in supply chains. According to him, technology is “still not ready” for such implementation.

In an interview at the world economic forum in China, Lang suggested the use of the Blockchain in areas such as identification and certification, however, he argued, why its use in the supply chain will become too challenging for the technology in its current state.

“If you want to have authentication, or to know where and when there is an event, then the blockchain is a great technology to control the flow of data,” he said, adding:

“The problem is that it is not a high-performance technology.”

“I don’t think this is a fairly Mature technology.”

Lang also noted the difficulties and complexity of deployment blockchain solutions “on a large scale”.

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