Chapter Binance: 6000 dollars per Bitcoin — a very strong resistance line. A bear market is no


Chapter Binance: 6000 dollars per Bitcoin — a very strong resistance line. A bear market is no

It is estimated that 6000 dollars for Bitcoin is a very strong resistance line. Below this level, Bitcoin is trying not to fall, and the market strongly protects this value as soon as the cryptocurrency begins to approach this level in the market increases, the demand for this asset, and he again goes up.

Said Zhao and his strategy of investing in cryptocurrencies: it acquires kryptonite on the decline and is keeping them, not selling, even if they then considerably more expensive. For him, such investment is a way of saving and accumulation of personal wealth, where the planning horizon is at least several years.

Chapter Binance expressed support shablonov, stating that it is a convenient tool for entering the cryptocurrency market ordinary money (Fiat) and is “a very positive thing.”

Moreover, Zhao intends to promote various stabilini and help them to develop. Saying that he never gives reviews on the properties of certain amount of cryptocoins Chapter Binance this time told about the intention to maintain the maximum possible number tablconv.

Answering the question about the future of Binance five years, Zhao shared his vision for what he predicts the growing influence of this area on the market where she, along with OKEx, already ranked first in the daily volume of cryptocurrency. That the existing centralized sites will be more “crush” under itself the market, says a recent report Satis Group: the top 20 platforms accounting for 75% of the world market of cryptocurrency, and this figure will continue to grow.

Meanwhile, there are those who predict the death of such forms of trading digital currencies and their replacement by decentralized platforms. In the disappearance in the future of centralized kryptomere analysts Anthony Pompliano and Kevin pam. John McAfee calls the exact date when there will be no centralized cryptocurrency trading platform in the world — in five years, exactly when the head of the Binance expects the heyday of “child”. As will be actually — will show time.

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