Chapter Binance: “We will not be adding shitcoins even for 4000 BTC”


Chapter Binance: “We will not be adding shitcoins even for 4000 BTC”

Chapter Binance Chanpen Zhao said that the exchange will not add to the bad listing of cryptocurrencies (shitcoins), even if they offer to pay 4000 BTC.

This is the message he tweeted in response to accusations from startup Expanse that is the largest crypto currency exchange demanded for listing 400 PTS. Chanpen Zhao said that the decision to add any coins depends on their quality and not fee and recommended the projects to worry about, “how much it costs to listing on Binance?”, and “how good are my product?”. He also called the EXP shitcoins and recommended to focus on the improvement of the token, and not to draw attention to it due to the hype.

Previously founder Expanse presented a letter allegedly from a representative of the crypto currency exchange, which had specified the requirements in 400 PTS. However, the head of Binance called him fake and even offered assistance in dealing with scammers who sent it. Adding that the project, which can’t protect yourself from fake, you should not collect money of investors. Although the truth is difficult to determine by correspondence in social networks and screenshots, but we can definitely say that EXP a few chances to get listed on Binance.

Earlier Chanpen Zhao Twitter has published a video in which he spoke about running the demo of decentralized crypto currency exchange Binance DEX.

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