China has arrested hackers who stole cryptocurrencies for $87 million


Chinese police have arrested three people suspected in the theft of bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, valued at approximately $87 million.

March 30, 2018 in the XI’an police received a complaint from a resident stating that his computer was hacked and BTC stolen, ETH and other cryptocurrencies 100 million yuan (us$14.5 million).

A preliminary investigation showed that hackers used remote hacking techniques to steal money with protected accounts. Attackers almost did not leave traces.

The investigation team took three months to with the help of Internet companies to enter the suspect in the burglary of Hunan province. The police subsequently identified and two of his accomplices from Changchun and Beijing.

Further investigation revealed that all three are highly qualified hackers. According to preliminary data, illegal intrusion and interception of control over corporate and private network systems, hackers managed to obtain illegal income of 600 million yuan ($87 million).

We will remind that earlier the Chinese police arrested a group of hackers who have earned, introducing malware for mining cryptocurrency on the computers of victims. But there it was on much smaller amounts. In June in Zhejiang province was arrested 16 persons, which infected computers mined cryptocurrency for $800 thousand. Arrested in July in Dalian, the group of 20 people managed to infect a hidden miner more than a million computers to obtain about $2 million in revenue.

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