China has upgraded the rating of cryptocurrency projects


Centre for the development of China’s information technology (CCID) under the Ministry of industry and information technology, has reported fourth-ranking cryptocurrency projects at the end of last week. Now the ranking is 33 cryptocurrency two of the project more than in the previous list.

In the first list, published in may of this year, consisted of 28 projects. A month later, were added two more – EOS and Nebulas, while the EOS appeared once in the first place. In July we added another project Gxchain, and this month, added to the list NULS and Tezos.

CCID notes that the rating is based on the “comprehensive study and evaluation of the open block chain on three aspects: core technology, application and innovation.” Representatives of the center say:

“The current model is largely unchanged from the previous one, only some accounting data was revised. From the perspective of composite index, three open network with the highest growth compared with the previous period is EOS, Nano and Komodo. In this case, three network, which the best progress in the ranking is Komodo, Nano and Bitcoin”.

CCID States that “from the point of view of the sub-indicators of innovation, and was last updated Bitcoin code is quite a big influence on the rating”. The project has received for this category, the estimate of 40.3 is the highest in the list.

“Compared with the previous rating, the top five projects that have improved their performance in innovation, included EOS, Bitcoin, Bitcoin Cash Hcash and Stratis”.

The rating continues to be led by EOS, followed by Ethereum. Bitcoin has also entered the top ten best cryptocurrency projects, moving from sixteenth to tenth place. Stratis is ranked thirteenth, Bitcoin Cash is the twenty-ninth, and Hcash – thirties.

Two new projects in the list – NULS and Tezos. NULS “is a blockchain for customized services,” consisting of “micronuclei and functional modules”. It occupies 21-e a place “due to the recent launch of the network, many of which are still in the development stage”. Tezos is a 28-th place, despite the fact that the project “also has outstanding features in the field of technological innovation.”

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