China issued guidance on the blockchain for officials


China issued guidance on the blockchain for officials

The Chinese government strives to improve the level of education in the field of blockchain in the organizations, therefore, has released a special allowance for officials.

Beijing publishing house has presented the manual “Blockchain — a guide for officials”. The beginning describes the history of the emergence of the technology and its features, and then the narrative moves to the current and future solutions that can be used in the economy and the legal field.

The authors say that the purpose of the Handbook is to assist government officials in understanding the concept of the blockchain in a broader spectrum and prospects for implementation.

Similar projects began to appear more and more often, after the Chinese President XI Jinping has publicly named the technology one of several breakthroughs that have changed the world economic system. Now the Cabinet of Ministers is planning to develop standards for the blockchain to simplify the regulatory framework.

Increased awareness of the technology is shown not only government but also business. Deloitte identified six blockchain trends.

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