China wants to make charity more transparent using the block chain


China wants to make charity more transparent using the block chain

The Ministry of civil Affairs of China reported that the government intends to implement the blockchain in the system of control of charities. The authorities are going to conduct an audit of the existing system next year to replace it based on the blockchain counterpart.

The new system will take four years. Representatives of the Ministry explained that it will achieve transparency for these organizations and they receive donations.

There will also be an information system, free of manipulation. It is designed to provide transparent public reports on the activities of charitable organizations.

This step of the Chinese authorities — another in a series of plans for the introduction of the blockchain at the state level. So, I wrote our website, the Internet branch of the Supreme Court of China intends to accept as evidence data, the accuracy of which is confirmed bloccano.

Unfortunately, the authorities have the opposite approach to the cryptocurrency. The prohibition of activities of cryptocurrency exchanges led to a mass Exodus of businessmen from China to countries more friendly to digital assets.

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