China will create artificial moon


China will create artificial moon

Chinese Institute of microelectronics systems (ASTMSRI) announced plans to create an artificial moon, which by 2020 will illuminate the night.

The representative of the Institute told that they plan to launch a satellite that will be able to cover a land area of from 10 to 80 square kilometers. Although its action is limited, but the radiation is 8 times brighter than the moon. The project will not completely replace natural satellite, but can effectively complement it.

China is above all interested in the economic side of development. The futuristic project is expected to reduce the cost of lighting city streets. According to preliminary estimates, the savings over five years will amount to almost $2.9 billion the funding Sources have not yet been disclosed.

Scientists also claim that the satellite will not harm the biological systems of people, their health and lifestyle. Despite the noble intentions of the Institute and the obvious benefits for the budget, some citizens are unhappy that Chinese artificial Moon will prevent them to see the stars and watch the sky.

Another project the world of the future was presented by the researchers from ETH Zurich and EPFL, have developed a glove weighing less than 8 grams, which allows people to feel virtual objects.

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