China will use the blockchain to track prisoners


China will use the blockchain to track prisoners

Today, the new Yorker Luis Meza got 10 years for kidnapping and the subsequent theft of ether in the amount of $1.8 million. Yes, the blockchain attracts criminals. But sometimes the opposite: in the Chinese city of Zhongshan will use blockin-service for tracking prisoners.

The Chinese are pragmatic people. Why, they ask themselves, to spend on surveillance of prisoners human resources if the same thing even more efficiently, may perform a distributed network.

Blockchain-service for tracking prisoners has been developed. Its creation involved experts of the Department of justice of the Chinese city of Zhongshan. The new platform will allow you to track the movement of citizens who are on parole. Such offenders will have to wear an electronic bracelet. Same as bracelets in any other country. Only this device will bilingualist not a regular monitoring system, and DLT. All information about the movements is stored in a distributed database and to agree in case with the officer-curator will not work.

This information may be cause to change the status of the prisoner and of returning to prison. The Chinese believe that by using this service the government will be able to respond faster to the disturbances on parole.

According to the developers a new service that can collate and analyze data and to inform the regulatory authorities about the possibility of relapse. The only downside a new service, that Chinese guards will have to find a new job.

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