Chinese bitcoin tycoon Li Saali tries to defend his reputation in court


Chinese bitcoin tycoon Li Saali tries to defend his reputation in court

If Saoli, which edition of South China Morning Post calls “the most famous bitcoin Mogul of China,” October 11, 2018 filed a lawsuit against the Chen Masinga for damage to his reputation. Shortly before this, Lee said that in the future is not going to invest in blockchain projects. This writes 8btc.
Chen Washing is the CEO and founder of Chinese apps for taxi Kuaidi Dache. He is currently working on a project Dache Chain, which is described as “Uber on the blockchain”.
In the proceedings Whether the acts of plaintiff, and Chen – defendant. On the appointed day the court was not Chen or Lee, but only the representatives of both parties. They presented their evidence, and refused a multi-stage trial.
Side did not agree to reconciliation, after which the judges stated that in connection with serious public resonance of this case will be handled with the utmost care, and the verdict will be handed down another day. The exact date was not made public.
Chen wrote in the social network Weibo that he would ask lawyers to convince the court to make the process public – to contribute to the creation of a trust climate in the blockchain industry.
The conflict between Lee and Chen began in June. Chen questioned the EOS project and a June 6 post on WeChat called him a “token dummy”. Being a supporter of the EOS, If not agreed with Chen, then on the Internet began another heated verbal battle.
In the process, Chen said that Lee June-September 2013 attracted 30 thousand BTC in September of 2017 had the funds to return. If have not paid them and asked for a delay of a year. In addition, Chen was criticized for participating in activities associated with gambling.
July 4, the network leaked the audio recording If unflattering comments about some of the famous representatives of the Chinese crypto-community and gives advice on how to “cut an onion” – talking about the new investors who enter the market and lose money because of the actions of the big players.
Chen also calls Lee a liar and a fake bitcoin tycoon. Lee, for his part, issued a statement in which he said that Chen spreads false information, and said that he had referred this matter to my lawyer.
Previously, Lee has taken the decision to secede from a government blockchain-Fund, as its part might cause damage to the project itself. “A series of defamatory publications Chen of Masinga in my address has a negative impact on the reputation of the blockchain Foundation. The government of Hangzhou can continue to contribute to the development of the blockchain, I resign as managing partner,” he wrote.

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