Chinese careregular GoFun company will create a token Energy Cube


Chinese state-owned enterprise, despite the tough stance of the government in relation to cryptocurrencies, plans to create your of the crypto token in the framework of the campaign “mining while driving”.

Careregular platform GoFun, which is owned by state group of companies Shouqi, create a reward system based on the technology of the blockchain. Its meaning is that users will receive the token platform “Energy Cube” fulfilling certain conditions which are not announced yet.

The company said that the technology of the blockchain will help to solve some problems that currently exists in the sector of car sharing, including: user authentication, data exchange, confidentiality, data protection and traceability, as well as the reward system.

Beijing startup that wants to use the advantages of the technology of the distributed registry data to build new business models, which was not yet on the market.

“I am sure that GoFun will be the first carsharing company that will create such a profitable business model, and it will happen in the near future,” said chief financial officer Rooby SIMA (Sima Ruobai).

GoFun company is engaged in car rental. The user comes to special Parking, rents a car and pays for the service depending on how much time was used transport. At the moment GoFun has about 30,000 cars in 65 cities of China. The number of registered users reaches 8 million, but actively use the services of a third of them.

GoFun new project will be based on Ethereum and will work on the basis of the algorithm Proof of Authority (PoA). For using the service customers will receive a reward token Energy Cube. The amount of the award depends on several variables, for example mileage, insurance and violation of traffic rules.

The issue of tokens is planned in the amount of 4 billion, the distribution is not yet known, but later will be described in the White paper, which along with the purse for storage of digital assets is planned for the end of this month.

Shouqi group in the future plans to deal with the integration of the token in your system, which includes hotel and restaurant business.

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