Chinese police have arrested three accused in the case of cryptocurrency stolen in the amount of 87 000 000$




The media reported that Chinese police have arrested three suspects alleged to be connected with hacking and stealing of BTC and other cryptocurrencies in the amount of 87 million USD.

According to Xinhua, police in XI’an, in Northern China first began investigation of the complaint of the victim, which suggested that hackers broke into his computer to steal 100 million yuan (15 million U.S. dollars ) in crypto-currencies, among which was the BTC and ETH.

Was a task force established, and preliminary investigation showed that the hackers used methods of remote hacking to gain access and control of accounts belonging to the victim. The criminals left almost no traces.

The investigation continued, and three months later the task force was able to locate a suspect named Zhou with “known” Internet companies in China. Authorities kept their distance and began to track the activities of Zhou two months. Soon, the police identified the other two accomplices, watching the suspect.

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