Chinese technology company controlled by Baidu bans forums on the topic of cryptocurrency


Chinese search giant Baidu joins Alibaba and Tencent in an attempt to distance themselves from anything that is somehow related to cryptocurrencies.

Baidu forced to follow orders, the regulator of China. The publication China Times reports that Baidu may either restrict or completely ban all cryptocurrency-related discussion on their forum, known as the “Baidu Tieba”, the Chinese equivalent of the online community Reddit.

Among the forums that will be closed, “Bar Digital Currency” and “Virtual Currency Bar”. Baidu has tightened their rules and will not allow to exist even sub-forums in this thread. By the way, the business forum Baidu was launched in 2003, its user base is over 300 million active members per month.

Any search queries related to these keywords, you receive the following response:

“This forum is temporarily closed in connection with the relevant laws, regulations and policies”.

Although other sub-forums such as “Bitcoin” and “Ethereum”, remain active.

In September of last year, China began the repression of cryptocurrency. The country had banned the cryptocurrency exchangers and carrying out ICO. This move has forced various companies to leave the state.

Authorities are set to block access to 124 sites in order to keep Chinese citizens from trading digital currencies.

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