Clients exchange Gemini can now insure your bitcoin


Members of American cryptocurrency exchange Gemini is now able to insure your digital assets stored on the platform. To give the opportunity to clients the firm has signed a partnership agreement with insurance company Aon.

Director of risk management Gemini Yusuf Hussein believes that the financial assets of the clients of the cryptocurrency exchanges should be protected as FIATA currency in the Bank account. According to Hussein, insurance, virtual currencies can help protect the rights of consumers and increase the level of investor confidence in cryptocurrency companies. It should be noted that before conclusion of the contract of insurance firm Aon conducted an audit of the security of the exchange and found no vulnerabilities.

Gemini was founded in 2014, in its activities, the company is focused on the highest standards of cyber security and legislation. At the end of 2017 Gemini developed the world’s first futures contracts in Bitcoin, moreover, the exchange began to provide services for the storage of cryptocurrency Ether and zcash for before all other trading platforms.

In September, the firm of the Winklevoss brothers has released a stable virtual currency dollar Gemini (GUSD) provided the us dollar. Unlike another popular stable cryptocurrency Tether (USDT), dollar turnover of Gemini is governed by the Department of financial services of new York state, and the availability of dollars from the company every month Gemini will be confirmed in the course of the audit an independent company.

Important announcement to all owners of Litecoin exchange Gemini is preparing to start trading LTC in the near future. The effect of Gemini, is definitely weaker than Binance, however, many experts expect the appreciation of Litecoin after the start of trading on the American platform.

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