CME: trading Volume bitcoin futures rose 41%


CME Group Inc. said that in the III rd quarter of the volume of trading bitcoin futures rose 41% compared to the previous period.

About the growing interest in futures products, CME said on Twitter on Wednesday:

“In Q3 daily volume of trading of bitcoin futures increased by 41% compared to Q2, and the number of open contracts by 19%”


In Q3, Bitcoin futures average daily volume rose 41% and open interest was up 19% over Q2 . Learn how market participants are using BTC to manage risk in changing markets.

— CMEGroup (@CMEGroup) October 17, 2018

Two months ago, CME said that volumes in the futures markets are at a low level in each of three trading sessions. At the same time, the exchange stated about 2500 contracts, which is much lower ratio compared to the average volume of 8000. According to the latest data of the company for the III quarter of 2018, the average daily volume exceeds 5,000 contracts, up 170% compared with 1854 contracts in the I-th.

Tim McCourt, managing Director of equity and alternative investments CME, in his September speech at the conference in Singapore, noted the increased interest from Asian markets:

“40% of bitcoin futures CME traded outside the United States, about 21% comes from Asia”

In April McCourt also noted that CME is focused on upgrading its platform and the investment product, while maintaining optimism about the future of the cryptocurrency market.

Recall that the CME and CBOE futures was released first in December 2017, the year that was a significant step in attracting institutional investors into the cryptocurrency market.

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